How do you want to change?

Let me help you listen to your own story. Reflect on both your inner and outer life experience. Identify your beliefs and clarify your intentions. Explore choice.

We will agree on a meeting place. I am willing to come to your home if you live in Minneapolis or the western suburbs.

Coaching by phone can be arranged.

Lifestyle tools which may be used

  • Assessments
  • Exploration of life areas to address in coaching.
    One tool is at Take Charge of Your Health,
  • The Universal Growth Process
  • The 4 A’s, proposed by David Daniels – Although this model has been developed with the Enneagram, the steps in the change process can be applied to any situation. Listen to descriptions of each stage at under radio interviews with David Daniels.
    Awareness – Use self-observation to create greater choice
    Acceptance – Allow what is to create freedom to respond
    Action – Create your own change
    Adherence – Support your chosen change.
  • Mind-Body Skills
  • Used to connect inner and outer experience for the purpose of stress reduction to rebalance yourself.
    - Imagery, visualization, affirmations
    - Various relaxation techniques as breathing, body scan, autogenic training, or meditation
    - Expressive techniques as drawing or dialog with a symptom
  • The Enneagram gives personality descriptions of 9 different styles or worldviews which reflect patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. This tool is used for self understanding.
  • Referrals for information and services – books, web sites, practitioners – may be made. Also, evaluations and risk assessment of treatment choices can be considered.